Vectrus acquires SENTEL Corporation

Vectrus, Inc. of Colorado Springs, CO announced on January 23 that it has acquired SENTEL Corporation, a mission-focused business with expertise in logistics and supply chain management, engineering and advanced technology solutions, and intelligence mission support. The acquisition advances Vectrus’ strategy to be a leader in the converging physical and digital infrastructure market; enhances the company’s logistics, IT and technical solutions capabilities, while expanding the Vectrus client base.

Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, and founded in 1986, SENTEL has over 600 employees operating in three core business areas: Engineering and Advanced Solutions, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Intelligence Mission Support. For the fiscal year ended September 30, 2017, the company generated revenue of $107 million. SENTEL’s clients include the U.S. Army, Intelligence Community, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service.

SENTEL has a legacy and leading position in developing information solutions designed for spectrum management systems, sensor networks, border surveillance systems, perimeter surveillance systems, and various other detection systems. The company also provides comprehensive, global logistics support services that address logistical planning through the execution of sustainment operations. SENTEL has a track record of successfully managing clients’ major facilities, supply chains, and assets worth in excess of $5 billion. Finally, SENTEL provides multidisciplinary mission support for various intelligence community clients and was recently awarded a prime contract to provide worldwide logistics management support services.

“I am excited to welcome the talented employees of SENTEL and believe this is an excellent acquisition for Vectrus,” said Chuck Prow, president and chief executive officer of Vectrus.  “SENTEL expands our geographic footprint, capabilities and market positioning, and will accelerate the transformation of Vectrus into a higher value, technology-enabled and differentiated platform. In particular, SENTEL brings immediate access to important clients in the intelligence community. The company also expands our logistics capabilities and U.S. footprint with a key Vectrus client, the U.S. Army.  Finally, SENTEL significantly enhances our IT business with core competencies, such as engineering, sensor integration and management, surveillance systems, and various other detection systems.”

Source: Vectrus