IC Insiders Sponsored Content

IC Insiders Sponsored Content

Join Intelligence Community News’s (IC News) IC Insiders sponsored content program, and let us shine a spotlight on your brand.

Our IC Insiders program offers a limited, exclusive number of sponsored content opportunities. You provide the content, and we’ll bring the audience. Showcase your organization’s expertise, enhance your credibility, and boost your industry standing when we highlight your work in our IC Insiders column for our thousands of subscribers across the intelligence community. Being included as an IC Insider supports your organization as a thought leader within our competitive market.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your company provides an article (up to 2,000 words) on your area of subject matter expertise that would be of interest to the intelligence community and our thousands of subscribers.
  • Your article is reviewed (and, if necessary) edited by the professional IC News staff as required and – of course – subject to your company’s approval.
  • After final review and approval, your article is featured on our site and in our IC insider sidebar.
  • After its initial publication, your article remains published and available on our IC Insiders subpage. Additionally, your company logo is included on our site with both your article and in our “thanks to our IC Insiders” section.
  • Your article is also featured in our daily e-newsletter and pushed to our LinkedIn news.
  • Additionally, your article’s link is included in our e-newsletter throughout the month.

Are you ready for us to highlight your important work for the intelligence community?

Let us help you by sharing your accomplishments with our thousands of subscribers. To learn more about how we can broadcast your message, please send an email to editor@intelligencecommunitynews.com and ask what sponsored content opportunities we have available.

Thanks to Our IC Insiders

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