Put your brand in the spotlight. Sponsor Intelligence Community News.

Intelligence Community News (ICN) offers a limited number of sponsored content opportunities. Showcase your organization’s expertise, enhance your credibility, and boost your industry standing with content highlighted in our IC Industry Spotlight column.

Here’s what you get:

  • Company-provided article (edited by ICN staff as needed, then sent to company for approval) up to 500 words, featured on our site and in our new “IC Industry Spotlight” sidebar throughout the site.
  • Article summary and link included in e-newsletter
  • Publication on our “IC Industry Spotlight” page
  • Inclusion of company logo on site (with article and in a “thanks to our sponsors” section)

ICN readers will benefit from high-value sponsored content that is relevant to their interests. ICN sponsors will benefit from exposure to a highly targeted audience of IC industry executives and government decision makers.

To inquire about sponsored content opportunities, send an email to editor@intelligencecommunitynews.com.

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