CounterCraft secures cyber defense contract

On October 6, Spain-based CounterCraft announced that it has been awarded a sole-source contract from the U.S. government, with a ceiling of more than $26MM, allowing the entire U.S. Department of Defense and federal government access to its innovative deception technology for active cyber defense.

“It is clear that we are the active cyber defense and threat intelligence partner of choice for some of the most sophisticated organizations in the world; from governments to critical infrastructure to Fortune 500 companies,” explains David Barroso, CounterCraft’s CEO and co-founder. “This award validates that our technology is highly needed and tremendously valued by our customers.”

This contract announcement is the culmination of a three-year effort starting with competitive trials with the U.S. Defense Innovation Unit, where CounterCraft outperformed over 20 other cybersecurity firms, including some of the giants in the industry.

“Enabling commercial solutions and advancing public-private partnerships is a strong move by GSA and other forward-thinking federal organizations to stay ahead of threats from nation-state adversaries,” says CounterCraft’s COO, Amyn Gilani. “We are committed to supporting our warfighters with innovative solutions for defense cyber operations (DCO) and nontraditional cyber initiatives.”

Contract number: 47QFWA22P0004

Source: CounterCraft

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