ONR posts artificial intelligence research BAA

On October 6, the Office of Naval Research announced a new research opportunity: “Science of Artificial Intelligence – Basic and Applied Research for the Naval Domain.” White papers should be submitted by noon Eastern on October 30 for this broad agency announcement (BAA). The planned date for completing the review of white papers is Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

ONR is interested in receiving white papers and proposals in support of advancing artificial intelligence for future naval applications. Work under this program will consist of basic and applied research, with projects funded under Budget Activity 1, Basic Research, and Budget Activity 2, Applied Research, as defined in the DoD Financial Management Regulation, Vol. 2B, Ch. 5. The overall S&T efforts will be conducted at the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 1 – 5 stage.

Topic 1: Human-inspired Computational Models of Vision-Language Interactions for Agents

Objective: The goal of this basic research topic is to develop a principled computational framework and architecture for vision-language interaction, informed by human performance, that is open-domain and capable of strong compositional generalization. Interactions that enable agents to learn and reason about the real world with high levels of complexity in a transparent manner, result in multimodal dialogue for human-agent collaboration performing challenging tasks, and more.

Topic 2: Mission-focused AI (AI Fundamental and Applied Research)

Objectives: The goal of this basic and applied research topic is to investigate and develop techniques to support mission planning and execution activities that are dynamic, uncertain, and require coordination across different areas. Solutions are sought that will provide applications or foundational knowledge that enable the generation and evaluation of Courses of Actions (COA), transfer of learning across mission areas, countering mission focused AI, and interactive machine learning applications. Researchers may use game datasets such as from StarCraft or Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Forever or unclassified datasets generated from mission simulators to support research.

Topic 3: Collaborative AI (CAI)

Objectives: Research under this topic will aim to create collaborative agents capable of working with humans towards common goals and support data intensive tasks under resource and time constraints in real-world settings. While using simulated, non-military applications is acceptable and expected, approaches must be capable of shifting from simulation environments to real world settings with humans, using real world data, dealing with real world complexities, and supporting goal-directed task feedback loops. The resulting agents must be incentivized to optimize on satisfying task objectives in data-driven environments with minimal data.

Review the full ONR artificial intelligence BAA.

Source: SAM

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