Blue Canyon Technologies provides components for Transporter-6 launch

Small satellite manufacturer and mission services provider Blue Canyon Technologies, LLC (“BCT” or “Blue Canyon”), a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies based in Lafayette, CO, announced on January 9 its contributions to the first orbital launch of 2023. The Transporter-6 launch pitched 114 small payloads into polar orbit on January 3, with Blue Canyon providing critical hardware components for several of the SmallSat missions aboard.

“At Blue Canyon, enabling our customers to achieve optimal results for diverse space and aerospace missions is a top priority. By offering a comprehensive suite of spacecraft services and technology products, BCT can meet various mission objectives with our flight-proven and flexible designs,” said Jeff Schrader, president of Blue Canyon Technologies.

Blue Canyon products aboard the launch include five high-performance FleXcore attitude control systems and six flight sets of reaction wheels. BCT’s FleXcore is a superior attitude control system that is developed with stellar-based attitude solutions. Equipped with a powerful processing core and coupled with BCT’s reaction wheel assemblies, these systems provide dependable performance that safeguard mission success.

Blue Canyon’s reaction wheels are uniquely built to provide spacecraft with the precise combination of torque and momentum storage required to navigate a successful mission. They are equipped with brushless DC motors that have higher efficiency and performance, as well as higher torque to weight ratio.

The payloads on the Transporter-6 launch had various missions, including technology demonstration, Earth observation (“EO”), communications, and signals intelligence. Blue Canyon’s work was performed in Aurora, CO.

Source: Blue Canyon Technologies

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