Raytheon secures contract to modernize SPY-6 hardware

On May 25, Arlington, VA-based Raytheon Technologies announced that it has been awarded a contract from the Office of Naval Research to develop new hardware for the United States Navy’s AN/SPY-6(V) Family of Radars. Under the contract, Raytheon’s Advanced Technology team will advance the radar’s signal processing capability by modernizing hardware to the latest commercially available electronics, resulting in improved performance.

“Future radars require flexible, sophisticated processing capability to stay ahead of advanced threats,” said Colin Whelan, president of advanced technology at Raytheon Missiles & Defense. “We’re incorporating fast, heterogenous computing hardware to complement on-going software upgrades and improve signal processing performance to meet our warfighter’s needs.”

Raytheon’s signal processing hardware development approach involves flexible adaptive beamforming and advanced signal processing capability that allows the system to process more information faster. This is made possible by the company’s “software-defined aperture” model; a transformative radar architecture that allows rapid development and transition of new capabilities to the fleet without significant re-design. This approach enables the AN/SPY-6 Family of Radars to continually evolve and defend against advancing threat capabilities.

“Advanced capabilities will be flowed to the Fleet by leveraging these powerful computing architectures investments,” said Dr. Brad Binder, RF Surveillance Lead at the Office of Naval Research.

AN/SPY-6(V)1 is integrated with Baseline 10, the US Navy’s newest version of its AEGIS combat weapon system. Variants in the SPY-6 family will be installed on U.S. Navy destroyers, amphibious assault ships, amphibious transport dock ships, frigates and aircraft carriers, and are compatible with international naval ships.

Source: Raytheon

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