ThreatStream launches the ThreatStream Alliance and Alliance Preferred Partner store

Hugh Nzemanze
Hugh Njemanze

ThreatStream, a threat intelligence platform that prioritizes threats and facilitates trusted threat sharing, announced on Oct. 9 the launch of the ThreatStream Alliance Preferred Partner (APP) Store, a threat-intelligence marketplace focused on delivering premium threat intelligence to an organization’s already existing security infrastructure.

Preferred partners in the Alliance include many market-leading threat intelligence vendors: CrowdStrike, Emerging Threats, Farsight, FlashPoint, Reversing Labs, Team Cymru and Webroot. The APP Store allows ThreatStream customers the ability to trial and subscribe to a growing number of threat intelligence feeds. With more comprehensive threat and vulnerability data, organizations can improve protection against cyber attacks.

Fortune 2000 organizations and government agencies are struggling to keep track of the growing number of threats and vulnerabilities that impact their organizations and their customers. To ensure relevant threat and vulnerability data is captured, a variety of segmented threat data is necessary. The ThreatStream APP Store makes it easy for customers to evaluate and purchase additional threat-intelligence feeds that are critical for mitigating cyber breaches.

“Threat-intelligence feeds have become popular because they can enhance security tools such as SIEM by providing context information about known malicious entities to help improve incident detection and prevention rates,” said ThreatStream CEO Hugh Njemanze. “These feeds are available from different vendors, and each feed brings a unique perspective on identifying threats. For this reason, using multiple intelligence feeds can be better than using just one. For example, combining two feeds that can each see 60 percent of total known threats could result in a total combined coverage of 65 percent, 85 percent or, in fact, anywhere between 60 and 100 percent depending on the amount of overlap. In other words, it depends on how distinct the feeds are. The ThreatStream platform makes it easy to realize the benefits of combining multiple feeds by providing features such as aggregation and automatic deduplication. The ThreatStream APP store provides a simple and convenient way for customers to acquire, combine and deploy multiple intelligence feeds as part of their comprehensive security strategy.”