Leidos demonstrates airborne ISR, Command and Control, Cyber and Intelligence Systems

LeidosFrom command and control and cyber solutions to aircrew training and intelligence systems, Leidos will showcase a range of innovative technologies and capabilities at the 2014 AUSA (Association of the United States Army) Annual Meeting and Exposition to be held on Oct. 13-15 in Washington, DC.

In addition, Leidos will showcase advanced cybersecurity and intelligence systems tailored for homeland security solutions in the DHS pavilion.

“AUSA provides an opportunity to show our ongoing commitment to the Army and demonstrate the full spectrum of our capabilities to support the next generation of missions in keeping our nation protected,” said Leidos National Security Sector President, Lou Von Thaer.

Experts will be on hand to discuss and demonstrate capabilities, including:

  • Advanced Cyber:
    • CAEN (Computer Attack and Exploitation Network) is a virtual environment used to develop critical cyber skills in the areas of penetration testing, malware reverse engineering and vulnerability research.
    • XRT (eXpeditionaryRT) is a high-performance computing platform that conducts data warehousing, performs data enrichment and executes advanced analytics all in a small form factor, available to the warfighter.  XRT provides real-time ingest, processing, alerting and analysis in support of critical SIGINT missions.
    • Digital Echo provides analysis of online content by centralizing and standardizing digital content to discover hidden insight through qualitative and quantitative analysis. It measures the “Echo” — the spread of topics and concepts through online discourse – of the web, whether it is world events, messaging campaigns, brand management, key influencers or communication effectiveness..
  • Airborne, Training Solutions:  Dash 8 Aircrew Readiness (DART) is a system designed to demonstrate and train aircrews on the capabilities of the DeHavilland Dash 8 300 type aircraft with a technologically advanced flight deck, and multiple sensor suite payloads.
  • Intelligence Systems Solutions:
    • GLIMPS (Global Monitoring and Planning Systems) provides accurate forecasts of global instability up to 5 years in advance, through data mining and machine learning, to discover unseen complex relationships between geospatial and cultural indicators, as well as instability metrics and events.  A demonstration will be held in Booth 3613 in the Homeland Security Pavilion.
    • AIMES is a next-generation motion imagery exploitation tool created to solve the tough challenges faced by today’s motion imagery analysts. It is the full motion video solution of choice for the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS)-Air Force and DCGS-Army.
    • GeoRover Software Products provide powerful tools for Esri ArcGIS for Desktop designed to increase speed, efficiency and productivity in common GIS workflows including one application for Android mobile devices (tablets or phones).
    • GRGlobe application brings enhanced GIS capabilities to the Google Earth globe providing the ability to create, edit and visualize GIS data natively while supporting multiple formats such as KML, shapefile and geodatabase.
    • ISR CrossCue (IXQ) is an automated collaboration tool that allows warfighters and analysts to rapidly discover and connect with critically needed experts across the intelligence community.
    • INFORM (Integrated Near Real-Time Framework of Relational Multi-source) Data tool identifies and aggregates vast, critical user-defined data in near real-time across the organization’s stovepipes to accelerate access and automate understanding of “Big Data” (multi-source, structured and unstructured) and retrieval of vital information for decision-making.
  • Mission Solutions:  Soldier Monitoring System (SMS) is a portable, lightweight, rapidly transportable situational awareness system. It consists of three separate, interfacing components, and provides a two-way data (no voice) transfer capability for geo-location of personnel and equipment in austere training environments. Easily trained and operated, the SMS offers units the ability to monitor the current operational status of over 500 personnel in a real-time environment for relatively low cost.
  • Command and Control: Open Architecture Systems C2 Solutions: Our approach to command and control (C2) leverages modern open application development frameworks with SOA to deliver an efficient, agile, modernized mission capability. This approach enables the Army Mission Command and other Service C2 systems to exploit the network as a platform for delivering integrated, mission-assured capabilities; providing continuous, incremental delivery of a fully modernized C2 cloud application architecture designed to reduce costs and logistical support requirements.