SuperCom debuts enhanced ‘PureSecurity’ electronic monitoring suite

PureTags SuperCom Ltd, a provider of electronic intelligence solutions for national ID, public safety and healthcare, announced on July 9 that its M2M division will be launching and presenting its enhanced PureSecurity electronic monitoring suite, which consists of the PureTag, PureTrack, PureCom, and PureMonitor products, to the North American marketplace.

The PureSecurity suite is a best-of-breed electronic monitoring and tracking platform which introduces a long list of innovative features, including secure communication, advanced security and anti-tamper mechanisms, voice communication, unique touch screens, fingerprint biometrics and extremely long battery life. The PureSecurity suite provides public safety monitoring programs with a complete end-to-end electronic monitoring solution which is reliable, flexible, and secure.

The Company will start offering the enhanced suite to customers in the U.S. market beginning in August 2014, and later to Europe, South America and Africa beginning in September 2014.

Ordan Trabelsi, president of SuperCom North America, said, “The M2M and IOT (Internet of Things) markets are emerging very fast globally and our applicable market, just for the public safety sector, is projected to be in excess of $6 billion by 2018. SuperCom has invested many years in developing truly leading M2M products and together with our decades of experience in executing on large IT and security contracts, we believe that we are poised to quickly gain substantial market share, both in the U.S. and globally.”