Spire Global wins NRO RF contract

On April 3, Vienna, VA-based Spire Global, Inc. announced that it was awarded a contract by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) for commercial radio frequency (RF) remote sensing. Spire won a contract as part of the NRO’s Strategic Commercial Enhancements (SCE) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) program in September 2022. Spire is proud to announce two options were exercised extending the performance period through March 1, 2025.

The agency will continue to use Spire’s data to evaluate how commercial radio frequency (RF) will be integrated into its overhead architecture. The contract demonstrates the agency’s commitment to expand the acquisition and integration of commercial space-based data for situational awareness and to address new intelligence challenges.

“The NRO has continued to show its commitment to innovation by recognizing the value of RF data in providing situational awareness and strengthening global security,” said Chuck Cash, Vice President of Federal Sales, Spire. “In a rapidly changing world, we at Spire aim to provide government organizations the competitive advantage they need to solve some of the world’s toughest problems with insights from space.”

Spire’s fully deployed constellation of over 100 satellites monitors radio frequency signals to provide data and analytics on global weather intelligence, ship and plane movements, and spoofing and jamming detection to better predict how their patterns impact global security, economies, and human potential. The Company operates over 40 satellites that help detect and geolocate signal interference, jamming, and spoofing. These satellites can identify the power, location, and directionality of such events.

Source: Spire

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