Enveil and Exovera announce collaboration

On May 4, Fulton, MD-based Enveil and Reston, VA-based Exovera announced a partnership and product integration that will expand secure and private data usage for insight extraction. Powered by Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), the collaboration delivers increased value by allowing customers to securely leverage Exovera’s expansive data holdings, which include specialized, open-source datasets curated by subject matter experts within Exovera’s Center for Intelligence and Research Analysis (CIRA). The product integration offers customers secure access to globally sourced datasets and a curated knowledge layer for sensitive business and mission applications without elevating operational risk.

In this era of global connectivity, data is a critical driver of business outcomes and the intelligence needed to succeed in the Great Power Competition and beyond. The joint capabilities delivered by the Enveil-Exovera partnership enable business and mission users to utilize a broader, deeper range of data sources from regions of interest without the need to move or replicate data to trusted networks. This expands the aperture of global data holdings available for use, giving users who rely on making near real-time, data-driven decisions an edge over competitors and adversaries.

“When utilized in conjunction with Exovera’s expansive data holdings, our ZeroReveal solutions open the door to global insights that can be extracted securely and privately, ensuring that the user’s interest in the data is never revealed,” said Ellison Anne Williams, founder and CEO of Enveil. “These capabilities are critical for organizations with sensitive and regulated mission needs that don’t have the time or resources needed to replicate massive datasets to their trusted systems.”

Built on the foundation of the two operationally proven, award-winning solutions, the Enveil-Exovera integrated offering allows data to be securely and privately utilized within existing systems and workflows. This accelerates speed-to-decision for a range of time-critical use cases including combating transnational crimes, investigating illegal trafficking, preventing cyber-attacks, and tracking illicit financial transactions.

“We’re excited about this partnership with Enveil and the value it provides for our customers who require secure, efficient access to our global data holdings and analytic platform to make decisions at the speed of relevancy,” said Bob Sogegian, CEO at Exovera. “The ability to perform encrypted searches allows users to expand decision-critical inputs without increasing operational risk — assurances that allow our global, open-source data to be utilized to gain critical insights in entirely new ways.”

Source: Enveil

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