SPA to support DoD innovation efforts

Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc. (SPA) of Alexandria, VA announced on October 24 that it received a $26 million contract to support the Department of Defense’s Research, Development, and Acquisition Task Force (RDA TF) and the Office of Net Technical Assessment (ONTA). 

SPA has supported the RDA TF and ONTA for the last six years, conducting analysis and net technical assessments for the Department of Defense. As the Office of the Secretary of Defense reorganizes to support the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (USD (R&E)), SPA will continue to deliver expert analysis and assessment supporting ONTA, providing products and services to inform senior decision makers within USD (R&E).

“As the Department of Defense stands up the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering organization we are honored to support their goal to drive innovation and accelerate the advancement of the United States’ warfighting capability,” said Dr. William Vantine, SPA president and CEO. “We thank the Department of Defense for allowing us to support them for the past six years and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership.”

The contract is the company’s largest task order award under SPA’s Analytical and Technical Services Support (ATSS) multiple award IDIQ prime contract. 

Source: SPA