Raytheon unveils wearable computers for battlefield intelligence operations

Todd Probert
Todd Probert

Raytheon Company unveiled its wearable computing Intel-Ops solution at the AUSA 2014 Meeting and Exposition.

The new technology merges its proven, wearable computer system with situational awareness capabilities to create an enhanced real-time view of the battlefield for commanders and their troops. The new intelligence and operations convergence solution provides a near-term, affordable way for warfighters to overcome challenges in delivery of relevant intelligence and operational information at the battlefield’s tactical edge by integrating existing Programs of Record.

Raytheon’s innovative solution leverages investments already made in its deployed air warrior wearable computing technologies and couples that with the DCGS-A Lite capability that enables troops to receive intelligence and generate new intelligence as they perform missions in bandwidth-challenged areas. The combination offers customers cost and time efficiencies as they address their Intel-Ops convergence requirements.

“DCGS-A Lite integration with our wearable computing technologies for dismounted forces represents a first in a series of steps of where battlefield command and control is combined with relevant intelligence and information to provide commanders and soldiers enhanced situational awareness,” said Todd Probert, vice president of Raytheon’s mission support and modernization business. “Leveraging these two investments, Raytheon offers our customers a rapid, mature and affordable way to merge intelligence with operational data.”

Raytheon’s development marks another step in its focus on delivering leading, integrated intelligence solutions. The new system has been selected for demonstration to U.S. Special Forces in late October.