Hypergiant secures Air Force JADC2 contract

Hypergiant, an Austin, TX-based enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) company focused on developing world-changing technologies to solve the biggest challenges across space, defense, and critical infrastructure, announced on July 18 it has been awarded a three-year contract with a potential total value of $61M to continue developing the Joint Effects for Real-time Integrated Command & Control Operations (JERIC2O).

JERIC2O will enable the Common Battle Management User Interface (CBI) for Air Combat Commands Tactical Operations Center Family of Systems as part of the Cloud-Based Command and Control (CBC2) program for the Department of the Air Force (DAF) Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS). ABMS is the DAF’s contribution to Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2).

JERIC2O, the user interface for CBC2, was initially designed by Hypergiant under a Phase III SBIR, enabling significant input from the warfighting community. Built with a focus on bringing world-class technology to warfighters, it includes the following features:

  • A data-agnostic system that enables real-time integration with operationally relevant data sources, providing operators and commanders with intelligent courses of action.
  • A data-driven platform designed to help users understand multiple decision options – balancing cost, risk, and advantages with known available assets to optimize outcomes.
  • Detail at expansive levels, from global views to individual assets, enabling enhanced contextualized situational awareness.
  • An immersive experience with gaming-like speeds and a UI/UX framework, tailored for the tactical operator.
  • “Cloud to edge” technology that will enable rapid and efficient decision-making no matter the environment.

“JERIC2O is more than just a user interface for ABMS – it’s a complete User Experience (UX), designed for tactical command and control and drives machine-to-machine integration with additional echelons of command. It’s designed to be extensible to additional use cases and evolving distributed battle management CONOPS in development across the DAF,” said Brian Perlik, cloud based command and control chief engineer.

Hypergiant’s platform utilizes a tech-agnostic, non-proprietary approach that grants the government purpose rights. Features of JERIC2O can be merged into the government code base, or they can be copied to a new infrastructure instance and scaled for any client or application.

“Having spent years developing AI-enabled technology solutions for cutting-edge companies, Hypergiant is thrilled to expand our work with the Department of the Air Force (DAF) delivering unmatched intelligent user interfaces and experiences (UI/UX) for operators executing CBC2 globally. Best of all, this isn’t a one-time-only delivery; we’ll be continuously deploying new capabilities every two weeks,” said Quentin Donnellan, president of space and defense at Hypergiant.

Hypergiant will work closely with the DAF Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications, and Battle Management (DAF PEO C3BM) and Combatant Commands, aligning with the Department of the Air Force’s operational imperative for operationally optimized ABMS and JADC2. The company will design, develop, integrate, and operate the Air Force ABMS CBC2 front-end UI/UX, JERIC2O, in collaboration with various industry teams contributing to a robust suite of software applications and infrastructure that visualizes data to optimize decision-making.

Source: Hypergiant

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