Quantifind wins DoD contract for OSINT platform

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has signed an Other Transaction for Production (OT-P) Agreement with Quantifind, the Palo Alto, CA-based company announced October 10. The five-year award with a flexible ceiling follows a successful prototype contract with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU).

Quantifind’s Graphyte platform helps analysts discover signals of risk using open source intelligence (OSINT), including public and commercial data sets. The company’s AI-driven search engine, GraphyteSearch, can be configured to discover risk in order to help banks fight financial crimes and money laundering or to assist intelligence organizations in mapping foreign malign activities.

The DIU program led Quantifind to construct an open-source knowledge graph that uses name science and entity resolution to fuse together a large number of diverse, open-source data sets, including structured corporate relationship data and unstructured international news sources. The knowledge graph enables the Graphyte platform to more efficiently reveal relationship risks and malign networks of entities.

“Open source intelligence will only continue to grow in importance for the assessment of global threats,” said Quantifind co-founder John Stockton. “We look forward to continuing to build a unified vision for risk discovery across the defense, intelligence, and banking communities, who are all helping improve our AI platform to achieve this mission. The convergent threats we collectively face do not respect organizational walls, so we’re proud to increase signal sharing and cooperation.”

Quantifind’s vision for a common analytic framework uses primarily unclassified data to enhance shareability and synergy across defense agencies, while also developing trustworthy, responsible AI standards.

Quantifind now finds itself among a small but growing number of Direct to Production OT capability providers, reflecting DOD’s commitment toward meeting mission requirements with the agility of non-traditional, best-in-class technology companies. The successful DIU prototype and OT contract now enable the streamlined acquisition of Quantifind’s Graphyte platform by any government organization.

Source: Quantifind

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