NORAD, NORTHCOM to host STRDI HD Symposium

On August 25, NORAD and USNORTHCOM announced an industry day. In January 2022, NORAD and USNORTHCOM (N&NC) hosted the first of a recurring Science & Technology (S&T), Research & Development (R&D), and Innovation (STRDI) Homeland Defense (HD) Symposium aimed at addressing the Combatant Commander’s highest operational priorities. Building on the January 2022 event, N&NC will host a second STRDI HD Symposium 17-21 October 2022. A significant addition to the upcoming event, however, is a dedicated three-day United States (US) and Canadian (CAN) Industry engagement.

Industry Day 1 (19 Oct 2022, Location TBD, Colorado Springs, CO)

Large group format; Government provided presentations and demonstrations; dedicated periods for open discussion. Materials and discussion will be held to the SECRET//REL TO CAN level. Day 1 vignettes include:

  • Global Perspective
  • Homeland Defense Design
  • Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE)
  • Open discussion with question-and-answer period

Industry Days 2-3 (20-21 Oct 2022, Booze Allen Hamilton facility, Colorado Springs, CO)

Government-Industry one-on-one format; Industry technology “pitches” via Lightning Rounds (seven minutes per pitch). Materials will be held to the SECRET//REL TO CAN level. Discussion will be held to the TOP SECRET//REL TO CAN level. Planned Government attendees include: US and CAN Services; US Combatant Commands; US Services’ Laboratories; US National Laboratories; US and CAN Intelligence Communities; Defence Research and Development Canada; US Defense Agencies; and US Innovation Units. Days 2-3 Industry technology “pitches” should be consistent one with the following technology focus areas:

  • Information dominance
  • Left-of-conflict
  • Domain awareness
  • Arctic operations

Review the full NORAD, NORTHCOM symposium information.

Source: SAM

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