LinQuest and nLogic launch joint venture

On June 24, Los Angeles, CA-based LinQuest Corporation and Huntsville, AL-based  nLogic announced a collaboration to facilitate superior growth for both organizations and their respective government and industry clientele under the Small Business Administration’s “All Small Mentor-Protégé Program.”

This partnership will embody the SBA’s mission to maintain and strengthen small businesses, like nLogic, by partnering with mature organizations to acquire best-in-class business practices and guidance. Effective immediately, LinQuest will serve as a trusted mentor to nLogic by offering technical and managerial counsel and supporting business development initiatives.

“With our shared mission to accelerate and expand business, this strategic partnership plays an integral role in LinQuest’s continued growth, especially in the Huntsville, Alabama marketplace,” said Tim Dills, president and CEO of LinQuest. “We are optimistic about the future and believe this partnership will help nLogic mature its capabilities, and simultaneously expand both of our services at the nexus of the aerospace and defense industries in Huntsville and beyond.”

“LinQuest’s excellent reputation, wide range of capabilities, and alignment with our own vision make this partnership an obvious decision. We look forward to maturing our business processes and market strategies to expand our customer base through our joint venture called LogicQuest,” said Tim Thornton, nLogic CEO and president.

Source: LinQuest