ICE awards three-month extension to Six 3 Intelligence Solutions for intelligence analyst support

Six 3 SystemsThe Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) unit of DHS has awarded a sole source contract to Six 3 Intelligence Solutions, of McLean, VA, the incumbent vendor, to provide intelligence analyst support services for an additional three months at ICE’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Fusion Center and the International Organized Crime Intelligence and Operations Center.

The estimated value of this three month extension (from March 1 to May 31, 2014) is $244,109, says a notice issued by ICE on March 7.

“If the government fails to extend the services for this three months period, there will be a gap in services, during which [Homeland Security Investigations] HIS — Division 2 would be without mission critical Intelligence Analysis support,” says the ICE notice. “The three month continuation will allow the fusion center to maintain its current level of support and will prevent interruption in service during the transition phase of the new contract.”

ICE says it will run a new competitive procurement and award a new contract in late March (to either Six 3 Intelligence Solutions or a new vendor.)

Six 3 Intelligence Solutions analysts collect, review, interpret, evaluate and integrate data from multiple sources and prepare comprehensive customized intelligence reports which are useful for ICE program managers, the notice explains.

“Continued support under the discussed Task Order is critical to HSI and to not have it for any period of time would result in ICE being without the needed analyst services required to keep the [fusion center] operational,” says the ICE “limited sources justification” document.

Further information about this three-month contract extension is available from Tasha Wang at 214-905-5427 or