EMC collaborates with Fusionex on Giant analytics software and more

EMC Fusionex Fusionex, a specialist in analytics and Big Data, has established a significant technology alliance with EMC Computer Systems, which will see both parties jointly marketing, promoting and selling a combined Big Data and analytics portfolio.

The combined portfolio comprises of a wide range of Big Data and analytics software and solutions, including GIANT, an in-house analytics software developed by Fusionex, as well as EMC solutions, such as Isilon and Pivotal. This alliance aims to bring end-to-end Big Data and analytics capabilities to several key sectors, such as government, finance, retail, travel and hospitality.

Fusionex is an IT software group with a multi-national presence which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Fusionex’s core business centers around analytics, helping customers manage, analyze and derive insights from their data.

Fusionex has garnered a string of accreditations and global awards, including the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) award for best application and infrastructure, as well as the Big Data World Asia Data Analytics & Innovation award.

This strategic partnership is aimed to provide a symbiotic approach, where Fusionex will be able to leverage on EMC’s technology platform and market reach. EMC, in turn, will be able to tap into Fusionex’s expertise and know-how in business intelligence (BI), analytics and Big Data. both parties are committed to promoting and re-selling a combined product solution to each party’s new and existing customers, resulting in a faster return of investment (ROI) to end users.

“We believe that establishing rapid yet sustainable growth extends beyond vision and business acumen,” said Elwin Lim, Fusionex vice president. “It requires commitment and passion towards providing customers with the best experience. Fusionex’s partners, like EMC, share our ‘Experience.Exellence’ mantra, which results in the highest level of attention to detail and innovation, but with the breadth and scalability to address the Big Data challenge. We look forward to partnering with EMC as we continue on our journey to share the value and insights that can be derived through the in-depth analysis and understanding of data available to one’s organization.”

“At EMC, we strongly believe that structured and unstructured data represents a massive opportunity to discover actionable insights that can change the course of businesses,” said Cheam Tat Inn, managing director for EMC. “Big Data is indeed the future of enterprise applications. We are expanding our partner ecosystem to ensure that our customers, both current and potential, get the winning combination of niche skills and technologies that help them reach the full potential of Big Data. We are excited to partner with Fusionex in this mission as they share our enthusiasm and focus on delivering best-in-class Big Data technologies to customers.”