President Obama thanks NSA workforce for dedicated service

Barack Obama 112President Obama met with a group of about 250 employees at the National Security Agency’s headquarters on 9/11 to thank them for their ongoing support in defense of the nation – a visit that employees characterized as an honor for foreign intelligence and information assurance professionals accustomed to serving in silence.

The employees – both military and civilian – represented NSA, the Central Security Service, and U.S. Cyber Command. ADM Michael S. Rogers introduced the President at the event, which was streamed live on an internal network to the agency’s global workforce.

NSA provides vital foreign intelligence to identify threats and to help prevent conflicts. The agency also defends critical U.S. national security systems around the clock. And NSA’s efforts protect U.S. warfighters, helping to bring them back home safely.

“My main message, the main thing I want you to take away from this, is the simple words: ‘thank you,'” the President told the group. “I appreciate what you do and the country should appreciate what you do. You are vital to keeping this country safe.”

NSA is a unique national asset because of its talented workforce, many of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States, the President noted. “Because of your efforts,” he said, “America’s safer today than it was in 2001.”

Source: NSA