Nexidia debuts analytics applications powered by speech analytics

Nexidia Nexidia, a provider of customer interaction analytics solutions for business transformation, announced on June 23 significant advancements in its speech analytics technology and applications with the upcoming release of Nexidia Interaction Analytics 11.0.

This new release represents the next generation of customer interaction Big Data analytics, llowing the enterprise to capture, synthesize and disperse the business intelligence locked inside multi-channel customer interactions.

Nexidia has always invested in original speech technology research and invented the process of rapidly searching audio known as phonetic indexing.

Nexidia’s latest technology innovation, Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics, smartly combines the strengths of Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (LVCSR) and phonetic indexing in a way that offers the most scalable, accurate and flexible solution available. Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics produces a word-level transcription of the audio, a phonetic index and customer sentiment scores using advanced neural networks and language models that have been built with real-world conversational audio.

The output that is produced can be analyzed to facilitate the rapid discovery of interaction content, uncover emerging topics, quantify related phrases and categorize interactions by topic, based on business logic. Once these topics are organized, the Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics technology can search the phonetic index for these same topics at a speed and scale unparalleled by other solutions, says Nexidia. When words or business logic need to be changed, the system can rapidly re-query the index without having to re-process the audio.

“Given their position as a market leader in speech analytics solutions, Nexidia has always been known to push the envelope,” said Paul Stockford, president and chief analyst of Saddletree Research. “Nexidia Interaction Analytics 11 raises the bar once again in terms of the role of speech analytics in the contact center and in the enterprise at large. By introducing Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics, Nexidia has demolished the barriers that once divided speech analytic technologies. They continue to focus on innovating technological advancements that drive more powerful outcomes from their solution at the speed and scalability that today’s top organizations demand.”