DoD releases JADC2 implementation plan

Deputy Secretary of Defense (DSD) Dr. Kathleen Hicks signed the Department of Defense Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) Implementation Plan on March 15, 2022.

JADC2 is a warfighting necessity to keep pace with the volume and complexity of data in modern warfare and to defeat adversaries decisively. JADC2 enables the Joint Force to “sense,” “make sense,” and “act” on information across the battle-space quickly using automation, artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and machine learning to deliver informed solutions via a resilient and robust network environment.

“We must maintain continued focus and momentum on these initiatives and programs which enhance Department capabilities to face current and future threats,” said Deputy Secretary Hicks. “Command and Control in an increasingly information-focused warfighting environment have never been more critical. JADC2 will enable the DoD to act at the speed of relevance to improve U.S. national security. JADC2 is delivering capabilities beginning now, and it will continue to be funded in the coming years.”

The DSD chartered JADC2 Cross-Functional Team (CFT) will oversee the execution of the JADC2 Strategy, initially announced in June 2021, and the Implementation Plan. While the JADC2 Strategy provides a vision and an approach for identifying, organizing, and delivering improved Joint Force C2 capabilities – the Implementation Plan outlines how the Department will accomplish this. An unclassified summary of the JADC2 Strategy is available here.

“This step represents irreversible momentum toward implementing the JADC2 Strategy and concepts the Department announced earlier this year,” said Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “This is about dramatically increasing the speed of information sharing and decision making in a contested environment to ensure we can quickly bring to bear all our capabilities to address specific threats.”

JADC2 is DoD’s way ahead. The JADC2 Implementation Plan, while classified, can be described as the document which details the plans of actions, milestones, and resourcing requirements. It identifies the organizations responsible for delivering JADC2 capabilities. The plan drives the Department’s investment in accelerating the decision cycle, closing operational gaps, and improving the resiliency of C2 systems. It will better integrate conventional and nuclear C2 processes and procedures and enhance interoperability and information-sharing with our mission partners.

Source: DoD

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