Salient Commercial Solutions and Bivio Networks deliver joint solution to provide IPv6 protection for high speed networks

Salient com 112Salient Commercial Solutions, Inc. (Salient), a leading provider of technology consulting services based in Fairfax, VA and Bivio Networks, Inc. (Bivio), the leader in high-performance deep packet inspection solutions, announced a technology partnership on February 3. The new solution, Assure6™ IPv6 Sensor for Bivio Networks (Assure6 Sensor™), is an expansion of the Salient Assure6 product family to encompass the Bivio product line. Assure6 Sensor detects, prevents, and blocks IPv6 malicious attacks through high-speed IPv4 and IPv6 networks at up to 40 Gbps. Assure6 Sensor is currently in product trials with evaluation customers and is expected to be released for general availability in Q2 2015.

“Providing IPv6 security is a mission-critical necessity for our government partners, and customers,” says Brad Antle, CEO and President of Salient. “The joint solution between Salient and Bivio combines powerful technologies that will enable effective IPv6 security. Deploying Assure6 Sensor on Bivio Cyber Security Platforms will provide customers the highest performance network protection. It will enhance our ability to secure information regardless of traffic type and volume, so we can mitigate customers’ exposure.”

Federal and commercial networks are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals using an ever-changing arsenal of cyber exploit methods. Despite this onslaught, many organizations continue to operate unmonitored and unprotected networks; while not addressing the unique security challenges presented by IPv6. This new solution provides customers with an open, high-performance multi-application networking platform solution that includes a comprehensive cyber security policy gateway that detects and blocks IPv6-based malicious attacks.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the new Salient Assure6 product as another best-in-class cyber security solution operating at wire-speed on the Bivio platform,” says Leila Bristow, VP Worldwide Sales of Bivio Networks. “We believe that many of our new and existing customers, including leading defense department and intelligence agencies, service providers and enterprises, will be eager to implement the solution to further strengthen their global cyber security posture.”

Assure6 is a trusted intrusion prevention and detection system that safeguards IPv6 traffic. It is the only platform providing the level of protection necessary to safely deploy or block IPv6 traffic in your network. Assure6 identifies IPv6 traffic that is tunneled through existing IPv4 networks preventing the covert use of IPv6 communications. It enables a safe and secure transition from IPv4 to IPv6 by detecting and preventing known as well as new security threats.

SOURCE Salient Commercial Solutions, Inc.