Booz Allen develops government AI portfolio

On October 11, McLean, VA-based Booz Allen Hamilton announced new insights from its AI portfolio, doubling down on the firm’s leading role deploying AI for the federal government and accelerating the ability to achieve critical mission success via a new stack of AI capabilities.

Booz Allen is well positioned to meet the evolving needs of its clients, having been recently recognized as the largest provider of AI-related services to the federal government by a leading provider of market intelligence, Govwin from Deltek. Bringing learnings from long-standing client engagements to support those growing federal needs, Booz Allen has scaled and focused its AI portfolio to offer new, specialized AI technology stacks that help clients achieve mission objectives more rapidly, cost effectively, and at enterprise scale. Initial development areas include:

  • Generative AI: Standard deployment frameworks and pipelines that power rapid and safe adaptation of foundational models to fit unique mission requirements.
  • Responsible AI: Integrated software and AI solution for managing risk across the entire machine learning (ML) and generative AI lifecycle.
  • Adversarial AI: Service offering that addresses risk across the AI lifecycle and offers clients a variety of options to study, assess, engineer, monitor, and improve model robustness and security.
  • Cyber AI: Solutions that enable standardization and reusable deployment of cyber AI/machine learning (ML), with focus on defensive cyber operations.
  • Vision AI: A set of integrated software services to build, deliver, run, and sustain computer vision in the cloud or at the edge.


As new areas of capability demand are identified, additional stacks will be added in the future. These AI stacks build on Booz Allen’s established AI portfolio, which includes AI Strategy, AI Engineering, Model Development, and Quantum Sciences, in addition to a dedicated R&D team. The solutions are underpinned by Booz Allen’s recently launched AI factory, aiSSEMBLE, which provides a holistic approach to designing, developing, and fielding AI for the federal government with reusable components and configurable templates to foster scalable enterprise AI.

“Booz Allen remains steps ahead in today’s AI environment with our newly launched AI stacks. We are focused on safely, responsibly, and quickly bringing real AI solutions to the federal government using explainable, trustworthy technology,” said John Larson, executive vice president at Booz Allen and leader of the firm’s AI practice.

“Our clients operate in complex environments that demand AI capabilities be reliable, scalable, and specialized for mission applications,” said Larson. “We’ve listened to these needs and developed an AI service catalog that empowers our talent to deliver differentiated AI capabilities at the speed of need and can operate securely—across on-premises, in cloud, hybrid cloud, or multicloud environments and at the edge—to accelerate what comes next for our clients’ missions.”

Source: Booz Allen

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