Athenix Solutions Group unveils new brand

On November 30, the former PCS-Mosaic Holdings, LLC announced the unveiling of its new brand, Athenix Solutions Group, LLC. Headquartered in Fulton, MD, Athenix Solutions Group is a national security technology company focused on serving the unique systems development, operations, and mission readiness needs of its customers in the national intelligence, Department of Defense cyber, and special operations communities.

Athenix Solutions Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom Middleton, stated, “Athenix is focused on ‘tip-of-the-spear’ government customers. Our renowned workforce will continue to grow and support critical front-line Intelligence, SIGINT, Cyber, and Readiness requirements for missions that cannot fail.”

Athenix Solutions Group now operates with two Strategic Business Units (SBU). The Athenix Cyber & SIGINT SBU, based in Fulton, primarily serves Intelligence Community and DoD Cyber organizations in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and Texas among other locations where customers operate at the edge, performing intelligence and cyber missions. The Athenix Special Missions SBU, based in Tampa, Fl., primarily serves the Special Operations community and other special mission customers in Florida, North Carolina, and in other locations throughout the world where our nation’s special operators are called to service.

With the acquisitions of Mosaic and VATC in 2020 and four ASRC Federal Intelligence Community companies earlier in 2022, Athenix Solutions Group, LLC has positioned itself for significant expansion in this market. It is a strong competitor with strategic partnerships and contract vehicles used across the industry. Athenix Solutions Group features the speed, ingenuity, and closeness to the mission of smaller companies, along with the resources, past performance, depth, and breadth of talent that rivals larger government contractors.

“As an integrated company with expanded resources, Athenix Solutions Group is a formidable force in our industry, a ‘middle-weight’ contender that is growing and delivering the full lifecycle of mission-focused capabilities,” CEO Middleton continued. “We are excited, as this is a terrific opportunity for our approximately 400 employees to grow and excel as highly skilled and respected professionals in their fields of expertise.”

Source: Athenix Solutions Group

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