ARGON ST to continue maintaining Coast Guard’s ‘Tactical Cryptologic Afloat’ prototype systems

ARGON STThe U.S. Coast Guard is planning to award a sole source contract to ARGON ST, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company, to provide engineering services and maintenance support for the Coast Guard’s “Tactical Cryptologic Afloat” (TCA) prototype systems, which are installed aboard certain National Security cutters and other USCG vessels.

“The TCA prototype system is a highly specialized Coast Guard-specific prototype program using ARGON ST’s proprietary technology,” explains a USCG special notice published on Feb. 18. “This system is based on the United States Navy AN/USQ-137(V) Ships Signal Exploitation Equipment Increment E (SSEE INC E) Program of Record,” which acquires, identifies, locates and analyzes signals at sea.

ARGON ST provides signals intelligence systems to the U.S. Navy through the SSEE program.

ARGON ST will be expected to provide engineering services, maintenance support, information assurance support, accreditation compliance and training to the Coast Guard to help maintain the Tactical Cryptologic Afloat program, says the notice.

The Coast Guard envisions a one-year base period plus two one-year option periods.

If another company believes it is capable to “maintain the prototype system without disruption to current prototype, cost, schedule and performance,” it should contact the Coast Guard by March 5, says the notice.

Further information is available from Sandra Queen, a contract specialist, at 202-475-3218 or