Amentum and Beast Code announce partnership

On August 8, Amentum and Beast Code announced the companies have entered into a strategic agreement to bring together premier global engineering solutions with cutting edge technology to help accelerate the federal government’s modernization initiatives in digital engineering.

Beast Code’s software aggregates data from multiple disparate sources and presents the information intuitively through an immersive three-dimensional digital twin. The web-based solution can be deployed to the cloud, on-premises environments, and edge devices enabling access to technical data from anywhere in the world. Beast Code’s technology complements Amentum’s engineering end-to-end lifecycle solutions in digital engineering, C5ISR, research and development, infrastructure, platform modernization, logistics, training, data analytics and cybersecurity.

“The power of Amentum’s complex engineering expertise combined with Beast Code’s leading-edge digital twinning technology will now give our U.S. customers the ability to convert systems anywhere in the full life cycle to a native digital environment,” said Jill Bruning, president of the Engineering, Science and Technology Group. “This means the federal government can harness the power of digitalization and achieve cost efficiency, agility and enhanced performance for all systems—whether they are still in the RDT&E phase or in sustainment.”

Digital twin technology replicates physical systems and has emerged as a vital tool for decision-making, optimization, and simulations across the federal government. Driven by Amentum’s longstanding, trusted relationship with the U.S. government supporting the most complex missions, the partnership will leverage Beast Code’s digital twin software to accelerate adoption of digital technologies across defense, civilian, and intelligence community markets.

“Our innovative data aggregation platform combined with Amentum’s extensive engineering integration expertise brings together the perfect storm to kickstart a new era of technical readiness within the DoD and Intelligence Community,” said Beast Code CEO Matt Zimmermann.

Source: Amentum

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