Altamira Technologies and SAP NS2 partner on big data analytics platform

Altamira 112On October 29, Altamira Technologies Corporation of McLean, VA and SAP NS2 revealed the byproduct of a joint integration effort bringing together Altamira’s big data fusion, analytic, and visualization platform, LUMIFY, and SAP NS2’s in memory database and computation engine HANA.

“This first of its kind partnership represents a material step forward in bringing commercially oriented technologies together to solve some of the most challenging national security problems.” said Jonathan Moneymaker, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer for Altamira. “We are incredibly excited about this blossoming relationship and look forward to jointly continuing to bring new innovations to market for our customers.”

Altamira LUMIFY enables users to discover connections and explore relationships in their data via a suite of analytic options, including 2D and 3D graph visualizations, full-text faceted search, dynamic histograms, interactive geospatial views, and collaborative workspaces shared in real-time.

SAP HANA enables major performance improvements in complex computing operations, including those typically found in U.S. defense, national security and cyber security missions.

SAP HANA amplifies LUMIFY’s capabilities by providing the ability to rapidly ingest, store and retrieve the bulk data needed by analysts at incredible speeds. LUMIFY takes advantage of these fast retrieval capabilities to quickly fuse data and information from human, sensor, and/or open source information to create actionable intelligence. Together, LUMIFY and SAP HANA provide the backbone of anticipatory intelligence capabilities. “The excellent synergy between Altamira and NS2 has provided a solid foundation for creating a world-class analysis and visualization solution,” said Ron Police, Senior Vice President for SAP NS2.

Altamira was proud to be part of the fourth annual SAP NS2 Solutions Summit entitled, “Human Critical: Empowering People to Drive U.S. National Security”, acknowledging the commitment of our warfighters, analysts, veterans and other professionals that drive the technologies that keep America ahead of its challenges.

Source: Altamira Technologies Corporation