Altamira awarded IronEagleX subcontract

On September 14, McLean, VA-based Altamira Technologies Corporation announced that it was recently awarded a subcontract with IronEagleX in support of USSOCOM.

Under the IronEagleX contract, Altamira will continue its integral work in supporting warfighters and their respective missions. The prime contract is a ten-year award with a $430M ceiling. During the technical prototype, Altamira led the delivery of a data science environment and the agile delivery of multiple advanced analytic solutions.

In making the announcement, Altamira’s Vice President of Technology Melonie Richie said, “Altamira is so excited to support both IronEagleX and the SOCOM enterprise. During the prototype, we really got to get our hands dirty leading a highly skilled data science team to success against multiple intelligence requirements. Now, we get the opportunity to do that at scale for the next 10 years against some of the Nation’s most mission-critical intelligence challenges.”

Source: Altamira

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