AeroVironment acquires Telerob

Simi Valley, CA-based AeroVironment, Inc. announced on December 8 it has entered into an agreement to acquire Telerob Gesellschaft für Fernhantierungstechnik mbH, a German leader in ground robotic solutions with a global footprint, for approximately $45.4 million (€37.5 million) in cash, and will pay-off approximately $9.4 million (€7.8 million) in Telerob’s debt at closing. Telerob’s shareholder has the potential to receive an additional earn-out over three years of up to approximately $7.3 million (€6 million) based upon achieving specific milestones.

Founded in 1994, Telerob offers one of the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive turn-key unmanned ground robotics solutions, including the telemax and tEODor EVO family of UGVs, fully-equipped transport vehicles and training, repair and support services. Telerob’s cutting-edge solutions safely and effectively perform a variety of dangerous missions, including explosive ordinance disposal (EOD), hazardous materials handling (HAZMAT) and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threat assessment. Telerob’s ruggedized UGVs possess all-terrain capabilities and offer some of the most advanced, specialized, precision manipulators, autonomous functionality and intuitive operation to deliver a high degree of mission flexibility. Telerob’s customers span 45 countries and numerous applications, including homeland security, emergency response and defense. Telerob is based near Stuttgart, Germany, with its U.S. office in Erie, PA.

“Acquiring Telerob marks a significant step toward achieving AeroVironment’s goal of offering an integrated portfolio of intelligent, multi-domain robotic solutions in response to evolving threat environments and customer requirements for more effective, rapid and cost-effective capabilities,” said Wahid Nawabi, AeroVironment president and chief executive officer. “Telerob’s advanced, proven ground robotic solutions provide a valuable capability to complement our market leading tactical UAS and tactical missile solutions and address a broader set of missions for our customers.”

“Telerob’s recent track record of strong revenue growth and its culture of innovation and agility align extremely well with AeroVironment. We look forward to welcoming the talented Telerob team to AeroVironment,” Nawabi added. “Together, we will focus on delivering continued growth in our existing businesses, addressing significant new adjacent market opportunities and developing new technologies and combined solutions to drive shareholder value and help our customers proceed with certainty.”

Source: AeroVironment