xG Technology announces new patent enabling first cognitive mobile ad hoc network (MANET) wireless systems

xG tech 112xG Technology, Inc. (“xG” or the “Company”), a Sarasota, FL-based leader in providing critical wireless communications for use in challenging operating environments, announced on December 10 that it has been awarded a new patent that outlines an approach to designing tactical wireless networks with unprecedented levels of intelligence. The patent, “Cognitive Mobile Time Division Duplex Ad-Hoc Network” describes a method for improving traditional Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) technology by incorporating advanced cognitive radio techniques. This innovation will enable enhanced levels of performance, efficiency and Quality of Service (QoS) in tactical network operations.

MANET systems provide a means for delivering wireless voice and data communications to users operating beyond the reach of fixed networks. MANETs are a growing component in expeditionary operations where personnel must execute mission objectives without the assistance of existing wireless infrastructure. This is of key importance to military wireless planners, and is also gaining increased attention as a valuable tool for public safety, disaster response and emergency communications.

The limitation with most MANETs is that their inherent flexibility requires a tradeoff in their system design. This often leads to a less than optimal level of reliability and performance in the name of deployment agility. The new xG patent describes a Cognitive MANET system that overcomes these design inefficiencies. It essentially extends xMax wireless technology by dynamically upgrading its infrastructure to operate as a true tactical MANET system instilled with robust performance and built-in QoS.

The benefit to MANET deployments and applications is enhanced connectivity, increased range, and extended operational capabilities over traditional wireless communications. This would be in addition to the attributes xMax can deliver as a dynamically scalable, self-forming, interference-resistant communications system.

George Schmitt, CEO and Board Chairman of xG Technology, said, “This latest patent innovation is a true game changer, as it provides a building block to designing high-performance, high-reliability tactical MANET systems with features not previously possible. It showcases xG’s ability to expand its intellectual property leadership in ways that deliver sought-after solutions in key wireless sectors. For markets requiring resilient, agile, and secure wireless communications to meet critical mission objectives, this will provide true benefits.”

Source: xG Technology, Inc