Alion named recipient of $5 billion DTIC cyber security and information systems multi-award contract

Alion squareDeveloping stronger intelligence and improved analysis of cyber security and information systems continues to be a key priority for Department of Defense (DoD) and civilian federal agencies. To support this need, Alion Science and Technology, a global engineering, technology and operational solutions company based in McLean, VA, announced December 9 that it has been named a recipient of the Defense Technical Information Center’s (DTIC) Cyber Security and Information Systems Technical Area Tasks Multiple Award Contract (CS TAT MAC).

Under this contract, Alion will compete for tasks to perform technical analysis, research, development and testing and evaluation efforts in the areas of: software analysis, information assurance, knowledge management and information sharing, as well as modeling and simulation (M&S). The work will enable greater efficiency and reuse of results by actively promoting the sharing of Scientific and Technical Information (STI) via DTIC’s libraries.

“As the DoD looks to strengthen its cyber and information systems capabilities, Alion’s expertise in all of the key contract areas will help to identify both incremental and large-scale improvements,” said Alion CEO Bahman Atefi. “Alion’s long history supporting the predecessors to this program gives us a unique perspective on how to deliver the most effective solutions, quickly and within budget.”

CS TAT MAC is part of the DTIC Information Analysis Centers (IACs) program, which serves as a proven resource for maximizing the value of each dollar the department spends. Alion has supported the IACs for over 45 years, as they have consistently proven to help increase the productivity of research, development and acquisition. Alion will continue to align its research efforts with the provisions of Better Buying Power 3.0 to ensure cost-effective workplace innovation, productivity and standardization.

Source: Alion Science and Technology