xG Technology announces new interference mitigation patent

xG tech 112xG Technology, Inc. (“xG” or the “Company”), a Sarasota, FL-based developer of wireless communications and spectrum sharing technologies, announced May 4 that it has been awarded a new patent covering enhanced techniques for mitigating interference in wireless transmissions. The new patent, “Hybrid ARQ system with Snapshot Feedback Mechanism for Interference Prone Wireless Networks,” outlines a method for faster and more detailed analysis of data being received, which will help deliver smoother and more reliable communications in crowded and challenged RF (radio frequency) environments.

Impairments in wireless channels can cause data corruption and loss, and adversely impact system throughput. The presence of interference, both intentionally and non-intentionally generated, exacerbates this problem and further degrades performance. This is a growing occurrence in public cellular systems that can be weighed down (and even become unavailable) when there is a large concentration of users during a crisis or other event. Because many first responders and public safety officials rely on the same public cellular system for their mission-essential duties, there is a risk that their ability to protect lives and property could be compromised because of congested cellular airwaves.

xG Technology’s xMax mobile, secure, high-speed wireless network system has been engineered with sophisticated, multi-layered interference mitigation processes, the company said. Using an industry-leading suite of Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) techniques, patented spatial processing algorithms, and multi-antenna technologies, xMax enables the delivery of wireless services with exceptional resiliency and redundancy. This is a critical requirement for public safety, military and other users who must operate in unpredictable environments and fluid situations.

George Schmitt, CEO and Board Chairman of xG Technology, said, “This latest addition to our patent portfolio is the most recent example of our ability to expand our body of intellectual property with a focus on improving the fidelity and performance of wireless communications in critical industries. We will continue our efforts to make the duties of those who protect us easier to fulfill by adding more intelligence, reliability, and efficiency to the wireless systems they rely upon.”

SOURCE xG Technology, Inc.