WHS posts ML, AI sources sought

On July 8, Washington Headquarters Services posted a sources sought notice for machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Responses are due by 5:00 p.m. Pacific on July 19.

The Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) is seeking market research on state of the art enabling technologies in the areas of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) capabilities.

The 2017 National Security Strategy and subsequent 2018 National Defense Strategy both identify ML/AI as technology areas critical to the security of the United States. As these ML/AI-based capabilities are developed across public and private sectors, security and trust in foundational algorithms are being contested. Digital technologies continue to develop at an exponential rate, and ML/AI will have more significant impacts on military operations than ever before; it is crucial that the Department of Defense seek out game-changing technologies in this area. In response to these trends, SCO is interested in developing unique ML/AI applications for U.S. warfighters.

Responses will provide the SCO with a personnel overview of interested organizations. Responses must categorize available personnel into one of the three groups utilizing provided job titles, understanding that organizations are structured differently. Group 1 is “Product Manager” which includes organizational leadership, team leaders, etc.  Group 2 is “Engineer” which includes software engineers, data scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, etc. Group 3 is “User Experience (UX)/Design” which includes personnel who focus on end user needs and user interactions with systems. 

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps