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What is NGA Tearline?

NGA is partnering with expert private groups to grow public-facing, authoritative open source intelligence on various strategic and humanitarian intelligence topics that tend to be under-reported within long-form format. This authoritative open source content will be cited for internal purposes and it will grow public trust by increasing transparency around shared public-private interest in various strategic and humanitarian intelligence topics that are fit for public consumption.

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Developments in North Korea’s Sinuiju City under Kim Jong-un

In order to help establish his long-term legitimacy as leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un has implemented numerous large-scale public works campaigns to raise living standards for targeted constituencies across the country.

In Sinuiju, it’s unclear how successful these projects will be in promoting the Kim regime. Despite the city’s unique role in DPRK-China trade, its transportation infrastructure remains neglected, and North Korea’s new merchant class is assuming greater influence over the local economy.

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