USMC seeks Intelligence Support Services

On April 16, the U.S. Marine Corps posted a request for information on intelligence support services. Responses are due by 9:00 a.m. Pacific on April 23.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Corona Division, Acquisition has a requirement for Intelligence Support Services. Interested parties who consider themselves qualified to perform the above-listed services are invited to submit a response to this Sources Sought Notice. The response/capability statement(s) shall cover every element in the Draft SOW. Please include Organization name, address, email address, Web site address, telephone number, and business size and type of ownership for the organization.


The Headquarters (HQ) United States Marines Corps (USMC) Intelligence Division supports a broad spectrum of Intelligence, Tactical and Cyber Warfare within the U.S. Navy, USMC and Joint Combatant Commands. To meet the Commandant of the Marine Corps Force Design 2030 requires the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) to apply a near-peer threat informed approach combined with a maritime campaigning perspective. The FMF requires intelligence support services that enables strike first and asymmetrical advantage in a littoral maritime gray zone environment.

To meet the emergent and increasing Force Design 2030 intelligence requirements, the FMF necessitates non-personal intelligence support services. This intelligence support requirements are used to identify, develop intelligence on, and defeat threats posed to the United States interest in Areas of Responsibilities (AOR). In order to affect this, Navy, Marine Corps and Combatant Commands (including subordinate commands and external organizations supporting Combatant Command mission areas) has provided support to areas including, but not limited to, Targeting, Lead Development, Signals Intelligence, Geospatial Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence, Imagery Intelligence including National Technical Means (NTM) and Tactical Full Motion Video, Multi-/All-Source Intelligence, Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, Mission Planning, Data Forensics/Science and a myriad of support under multiple intelligence disciplines.

Specialized support for intelligence systems; tactical intelligence signals/communications detection and analysis; Cyber analysis; targeting; and technical support to Navy, Marine Corps and Joint operations. In addition, Warfighting challenges of today have created demands on Joint, Naval and Marine Corps forces that exceed in quantity and differ in kind from anything experienced in our nation’s history. New warfighting concerns and threats to our national security require reshaping our force structure to secure the warfighting capabilities and capacity needed to address current and future threats.

The aforementioned operations require highly specialized support capabilities residing in an advanced technology and innovative industrial organization that is independent of platform and major weapon system developers. These operations require timely fusion of various sub-systems with special security features that can rapidly meet urgent Warfighter and tactical mission requirements.

An increased focus on Low Contingency Operations, formerly known as the global war on terrorism, requires an increase in intelligence support operations – capable of providing a scalable and rapid response – and a significant change in our nation’s Warfighting force structure and the way we support, train and deploy Warfighters to meet emerging threats.

Full information is available here.

Source: SAM