USAF funds available for ‘cyber assurance’ research

cyber assuranceProcurement officials at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) location in Rome, NY, are continuing to receive and review applications for cyber assurance technologies, which have been requested under a long-running broad agency announcement, whose funding first began in fiscal year 2011.

A notice published by AFRL on January 27 indicates that funding for fiscal year 2015 (which will begin on October 1, 2014) will be approximately $9 million. “Individual awards will not normally exceed 36 months with dollar amounts ranging between $100K and $1M per year,” says the notice.

“This BAA seeks to procure proactive cyberspace defensive capabilities for anticipating and avoiding threats through understanding the cyber situation, predicting adversarial actions, assessing potential impacts, and for implementing deterrence and effects-based defensive methodologies,” explained the presolicitation document.

The notice identifies the following broad topics of interest for fiscal years 2011 and 2012:

  • Polymorphic enclaves
  • Polymorphic machines
  • Assured execution
  • Fight through & survive with mission assurance
  • Self-regenerative incorruptible enterprise
  • Cyber mission assurance

The notice does not specify topics that will be of interest to AFRL in the more-recent fiscal years.

Organizations interested in applying for these funds in fiscal year 2015 are required to submit whitepapers to AFRL by December 1, 2014. Further information is available from Lynn White, a contracting officer, at 315-330-4996 or