uReveal Inc and Congressman John Rutherford team up for homeland security

uReveal Inc. announced on February 1 that it is a part of a law enforcement information sharing program based on the original information sharing partnership model proposed by Congressman John Rutherford. uReveal software is built on the human ability to specify ideas vs words. uReveal’s clients include the major US intelligence agencies.

Congressman for North Florida (R-Fla. District 4) John Rutherford is not only a proponent but a leader when it comes to information sharing between law enforcement agencies and leveraging state-of-the-art technologies for such efforts.

In 2005, during his tenure as sheriff of Duval County Florida, Rutherford teamed up with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to bring the Law Enforcement Information Exchange program, commonly known as LInX, to Florida and Georgia. LInX allows participating law enforcement agencies to access shareable records, such as police reports, warrants, mug shots, and suspicious incidents that are created in the normal course of law enforcement business. The Southeast LInX Regional Sharing system now includes 171 law enforcement agencies in Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia.

NCIS had launched the LInX program in 2003, following the bombing of the USS Cole in 2000 and the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, to better protect Department of the Navy assets in areas such as Puget Sound, WA and Hampton Roads, VA, where there are naval installations and large concentrations of Navy and Marine Corps personnel. LInX now has 15 regions, including one called D-DEx that encompasses all law enforcement agencies of the Department of Defense (DoD).

Shortly after Southeast LInX was operational, Rutherford requested the NCIS Southeast Field Office partner with him in utilizing commercial software from a Jacksonville, FL, based leading conceptual computing system company (uReveal) to address more complex and comprehensive law enforcement data analysis and sharing challenges. The customized version of uReveal software was successfully used to look at existing shareable crime data to provide the rapid detection and vetting of suspicious activity and threats across multiple jurisdictions in two states, Florida and Georgia.

In response to presidential guidance on information sharing, NCIS proposed the establishment of the Domestic Law Enforcement Awareness Program (DLEAP), based on the original partnership model proposed by Rutherford. DLEAP has received special funding from the Department of the Navy and will provide an enhanced and focused awareness of potential criminal and terrorist related threats to the Department of Defense as well as threats throughout the LInX regions.1 The initial DLEAP pilot program will include law enforcement agencies of the Department of Defense, Florida, Georgia and the National Capitol Region.

In his new role as U.S. congressman, Rutherford is well positioned to continue his support for law enforcement information sharing initiatives with cutting edge technologies such as uReveal nationally.

“We’re proud to be a key component of NCIS’s very innovative effort. NCIS is a truly first class organization that really understands the unique power of uReveal that enables analysts to work directly with the data while dramatically reducing the burden and costs of IT requirements,” said Charles Clarkson, CEO of uReveal.

Clarkson added, “Rutherford was vital to getting this very important effort off the ground. The creation of LInX by NCIS has proven to be one of the most significant crime and terrorist fighting tools created since the events of 9/11, while the system carefully protects civil rights and privacy.”

Source: uReveal