UBIC opens the behavior informatics laboratories

UBIC UBIC, Inc., a provider of international litigation support and Big Data analysis services, has opened the Behavior Informatics Laboratories to further support the development of its AI technologies, including “predictive coding.”

UBIC will contribute to the creation of a safer and more secure society by applying AI-based technologies developed in the new laboratory to its emerging businesses. These businesses include automated differential diagnosis in the medical field, insider trading prevention in the financial field, as well as intellectual property evaluation and business intelligence.

The Behavior Informatics Laboratories focuses on Big Data analysis and AI applications based on the new concept of behavior informatics. Behavior informatics is a new approach to information analysis conceived by UBIC that analyzes Big Data as a source of information on patterns of human behavior.

More specifically, the new laboratory will be charged with conducting research on natural language processing and data mining, as well as developing software programs. The laboratory utilizes feedback from UBIC’s clients that use UBIC’s services to make continuous improvements to software programs.

The Behavior Informatics Laboratories will continue to accelerate UBIC’s R&D cycle by leveraging an optimally balanced combination of basic and applied research.