TransGlobal and Magor to enhance law enforcement agencies’ situational awareness


Aerus Magor, a supplier of visual collaboration solutions, announced on June 17 that TransGlobal Business Systems will integrate its StarLight situational awareness application with Magor’s Aerus Service Delivery Platform (SDP) to enable a unique offering that allows decision makers within law enforcement agencies to instantly convene and collaborate visually on real-time emergency response data.

Transglobal’s StarLight provides key personnel with real-time critical intelligence via an aggregation of historical and real-time emergency response information from local, regional and national database sources, such as computer assisted dispatch (CAD), suspicious activity reporting, field observations and field log entries.

“In recent years, our StarLight product has led us to success in solving important situational awareness challenges faced by our clients across the U.S., including the United States Secret Service, United States Capitol Police and the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department,” said Mark Walcott, CEO of TransGlobal. “The resulting integration between our StarLight application and the Aerus SDP completely changes the way we look at command and control rooms. It enables geographically dispersed decision-making teams to instantly set up distributed command and control operations via video and collaborate with real-time situational awareness data in a hierarchy that mimics the command structure of complex event response. This enhanced offering allows us to broaden our scope and address a wider set of challenges faced by our clients.”

“Partnership with TransGlobal provides us both with the opportunity to expand on our success within the law enforcement vertical,” said Tom Luketich, vice president of sales for Magor. “The synergies between our technologies create a truly unique offering for law enforcement agencies who need to quickly distill intelligence from a variety of information sources and to collaborate exactly when it matters. We are proud to be taking this step with TransGlobal and establishing further leadership in enabling law enforcement agencies around the world with innovative solutions that solve critical challenges.”

The software-based Aerus SDP has been designed with the flexibility to allow providers to integrate their own solutions with the platform to deliver completely unique video-enabled offerings for their target vertical markets. In addition, to comply with high security requirements within law enforcement, the Aerus SDP is compatible with encrypted overlay technologies that deliver the FIPS 140-2 compliancy.