Torch.AI expands Enterprise AI for federal agencies

Building on the company’s position as a leader in data infrastructure AI, Torch.AI announced on February 22 that it is launching new off-the-shelf capabilities for large federal agencies with severe data processing challenges. Torch.AI’s Nexus data infrastructure software enables rapid autonomous ingestion and data processing of messy unstructured and multi-modal data. This multi-source fusion capability helps reduce the $143B spent each year on information collections, including more than $37.8B in waste resulting from manual data processes.

Since 2017, the defense-focused AI software company has been on the forefront of solving complex data processing challenges touching dozens of federal agencies. Unlike traditional government contractors, Torch.AI’s team of experts take calculated risks to self-fund R&D behind the scenes and then sells complete products “off-the-shelf” to government mission owners. They conduct deep research into understanding how AI and new data infrastructures can improve a growing array of national defense needs and missions. This allows their solutions to go from ideation to full capability deployment in weeks and months, instead of years.

Enterprise data, particularly in the government industry, is surrounded by an increasingly complex environment spanning regulatory and compliance factors, siloed legacy systems, massive data volumes, and a wide variety of data consumers. The Torch.AI platform addresses these common and persistent challenges through its unique, scalable, and multi-patented approach to data processing, analysis, and knowledge creation. Its modular design was built to accommodate any structured or unstructured data modality, integrate with any new or pre-existing system, application, or data service (1st and 3rd party), and deliver summarized, human-editable outputs.

“This expansion opens the door for engaging with customers on brand new defense and national security use cases, all thanks to the vision and perseverance of our talented engineering team,” said Jon Kramer, Torch.AI’s chief technology officer.

“We’ve seen time and time again the desire of our customers to adopt new innovative ways for addressing their enterprise data challenges to maintain a decision advantage,” said Bob Owens, Torch.AI’s chief delivery officer and president of Enterprise AI Solutions. “These new products serve as a source for inspiration for how we can advance the conversation with our customers and create insight for applying AI tools to help protect our nation.”

Source: Torch.AI

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