SSC issues FreeSol BAA

On February 22, the U.S. Air Force issued the FreeSol broad agency announcement (BAA). The Space Systems Command (SSC) Advanced Technologies Branch (SSC/SZET-BCET) and Contracting Branch (SSC/SZK) invites innovative technical approach concept papers addressing space and cyber technologies, to enable capabilities to counter emerging space threats.

To enable the concepts espoused in the United States Space Force (USSF) Strategic Intent, investments need to be made and the USSF needs to leverage all sources of innovation, prototyping, and experimentation. In addition, the USSF will explore pathfinders to test assumptions, validate answers, and potentially field ad-hoc solutions.

This effort was designed to help the SF further partner with industry, encourage innovation, and drive down system costs. This BAA champions these initiatives, develops a better understanding of requirements while rapidly addressing the need for integrated space and cyber solutions.

The objective of the Space Systems Command, Space Domain Awareness and Combat Power (SSC/SZ-BC) Directorate is to develop, deliver, and sustain unrivaled space control capabilities to guarantee space superiority for our nation. The Directorate champions the nation’s space and cyber capabilities, as well as develops acquisition transition paths to support requirements.

Proposals utilizing technology with a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 3 or higher are desired; justify TRL using DoD Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) Guidance.  Topics of interest for this BAA are listed below followed with examples from each of the five topics.   Proposals need not be limited solely to those provided as examples but do need to trace to one of the overarching five topics.

Review the FreeSol BAA.

Source: SAM

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