Top 10 municipal government selects HawkEye G for advanced cyber protection

Hexis Hexis Cyber Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The KEYW Holding Corp., and a provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions for commercial companies and government agencies, announced on Oct. 30 that HawkEye G has been selected by a top 10 U.S. municipal government for advanced threat detection and automated malware removal.

This municipal government will also deploy HawkEye AP to collect, store, and analyze mass quantities of event data.

Despite installing and managing various sophisticated security point solutions, incidents of malware continue to get through organizations’ barriers, putting sensitive data in jeopardy. Resounding commentary from industry experts supports the need for a continuous approach to detection and response. Organizations can embrace automated, continuous response only when pairing robust security analytics with comprehensive detection across endpoints and the network.

“All organizations, including government agencies and municipalities, face a security information overload, overburdening security response teams at a time when trusted information regarding network and endpoint threats is the best line of defense,” said Chris Fedde, president, Hexis Cyber Solutions. “Selection by one of the largest municipal governments in the country, especially one with this level of security sophistication, demonstrates the value HawkEye G brings to networks with sensitive information that demand protection even from advanced threats. This deal also represents our first sale valued at more than $1 million.”

The U.S. municipality selected HawkEye G to deliver next-generation threat investigation and automated malware removal in order to protect its network and endpoints. After a thorough, in-network testing period the security and IT staff saw proof that HawkEye G was finding threats missed by traditional security products. Further, the product analyzed the threats sufficiently to result in removal at machine speed. The organization saw a drastic drop in malicious traffic upon installing HawkEye G.

The latest version of HawkEye G, which launched in August 2014, features enhancements that enables users to realize the full benefits of automated, computer-speed response to reduce the risk of security compromise and increase the effectiveness of incident response efforts. Among enhancements, new endpoint sensors amplify security by providing extensive endpoint telemetry data and improved system performance.