ThreatConnect, Inc. announces ThreatConnect 3.0

Threat Connect 112ThreatConnect, Inc., Arlington, VA-based provider of security products and services including the ThreatConnect® Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP),announced on January 21 the launch of ThreatConnect 3.0, the latest release of the most comprehensive TIP on the market. ThreatConnect 3.0 is immediately available to all users, and includes their open Marketplace, focusing on an enhanced user ability to aggregate, analyze, and act on threat intelligence. The Marketplace is launching with a number of strategic partners providing premium threat feeds, along with numerous open-source free feeds.

The Marketplace delivers premium and open-source threat intelligence feeds directly into ThreatConnect. Users can connect their existing premium threat feed accounts, or purchase feeds directly within ThreatConnect.

“ThreatConnect 3.0 brings our vision to life,” said Product Director Andrew Pendergast. “ThreatConnect was built to help organizations of all sizes effectively aggregate, analyze, and act on their data. With our Marketplace, we are helping users take advantage of our open API and allowing them to bring in any and all threat intelligence data that is important to them. This holds true whether they choose to build their own data, refine and analyze it, or share it with others. Having context and a complete view of threat data is key to correctly utilizing threat intelligence to make smarter, faster decisions.”

The ThreatConnect Marketplace has three components consisting of: intelligence sources, analytic processes, and defensive integrations. Users can search, build, and submit customized threat intelligence directly into the marketplace, using ThreatConnect’s powerful API. These user-defined integrations, combined with existing applications and data approved for the marketplace, as well as customer-defined solutions, are designed to help users take their threat intelligence data to the next level.

The Marketplace enhances ThreatConnect’s Threat Intelligence Platform with analytic services such as automated signature or IOC generation, and integration with malware analysis platforms. This integration means users can leverage external services to enrich or create intelligence from the data within ThreatConnect and take advantage of the defensive integrations with enterprise security products from ThreatConnect’s existing solution partners to proactively protect their networks.

With the ThreatConnect Marketplace, users with access to ThreatConnect’s API can:

  • Effectively aggregate open-source and premium threat intelligence feed data and search for relevant data,
  • Access supported and community sourced integrations to aggregate, analyze, or act on their intelligence, while using the platform to create and build custom threat intelligence for analysis,
  • Leverage external analytic services to more powerfully process intelligence and submit refined intelligence back into ThreatConnect.

ThreatConnect 3.0 also provides document storage – available for all subscribers. Users can now store reports, emails, or other documents into ThreatConnect, with indicators extracted for tracking and full text indexing using Elasticsearch. ThreatConnect turns unstructured text into machine readable threat intelligence (MRTI) for action, while maintaining full context of the intelligence.

Source: ThreatConnect, Inc.