Telos unveils new version of Telos Ghost

Ashburn, VA-based Telos Corporation announced on April 16 the availability of a new version of Telos Ghost, a secure, cloud-based, patented system for private, secure and anonymous operations on the internet. The release includes new operational capabilities as well as enhanced performance and security for Telos Ghost users.

New capabilities available with this latest release include Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) access and IP rotation. VDI access provides additional separation of the user client device from the network, enhancing user security and managed attribution. IP rotation of the internet-facing endpoints provides avoidance of detection by targeted sites, providing enhanced protection against cyber adversaries attempting to analyze internet-based mission or organizational operations.

Enhancements have also been made to the dynamic IP routing capability for data in transit. The network performance of Telos Ghost has been increased with significantly expanded throughput capacity for internet activity, primarily to support downloading and uploading large amounts of data.

“Telos Ghost safeguards the privacy of the organization and users to ensure that internet-based network attack surfaces are eliminated,” said Tom Badders, senior product manager at Telos. “We continually look to make sure our offerings are leading the market and meeting the ever-evolving needs of our customers.”

“Standard VPNs and encryption schemes don’t offer sufficient protection to assure security-conscious organizations that their communications will remain safe in all remote and mobile applications,” said John B. Wood, CEO and chairman of Telos. “Our patented methodologies enable Telos Ghost to protect data with multiple layers of encryption and send it through a labyrinth of anonymous network nodes, making it ideal for highly sensitive and confidential communications. It works under the premise, that if you can’t be seen, you can’t be hacked.”

Telos Ghost is a robust, scalable, cloud-based secure network that provides private, shared, or hybrid access, allowing customers to access and/or own a private network without the cost of designing, implementing and managing the network. Its flexible capabilities are offered as a service and as tailored applications to provide a completely anonymous way to do business, share intelligence, and assess cyber threats online, keeping business and mission-critical communications hidden from adversaries and safe from intrusion.

Source: Telos