SpaceLink opens DC-area HQ

SpaceLink announced on March 24 it has established its headquarters office in Tysons, Virginia near Washington, DC. The company is building a space relay network in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) to provide secure, continuous, high-bandwidth communications between customers’ Low Earth Orbit (LEO) spacecraft and the ground.

“The new headquarters office is another indicator of how our business strategy is gaining momentum,” said David Bettinger, chief executive officer at SpaceLink. “The northern Virginia location provides a hub for activities that serve a broad range of spacecraft operators who need continuous connectivity in near Earth orbit.”

The SpaceLink relay network is designed to pick up where the U.S. Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) leaves off, and go beyond with unprecedented capacity that leverages today’s technology advances. It helps close the business case for Earth observation companies, commercial space stations, satellite servicers and tugs, and meets requirements for the U.S. government and close allies that need to leverage industry solutions to maximize capabilities.

The innovative MEO constellation is designed so that at least one of the relay satellites is always visible to any spacecraft in LEO and the SpaceLink constellation is always within line of sight of its gateway Earth stations.

In addition to its headquarters in Northern Virginia, SpaceLink has operations in California’s Silicon Valley and in Huntsville, Alabama. The company is a subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems of Australia (EOS) and benefits from financing, support, and advanced technology from its corporate parent, including optical communications which unlock massively scalable capacity.

Source: SpaceLink