Soteria Intelligence launches social media threat assessment company

Aaron Schoenberger
Aaron Schoenberger

Soteria Intelligence announced on Oct. 30 the launch of its social media threat assessment services that use proprietary technology to collect and analyze open-source intelligence (OSINT) with the goal of identifying potential threats voiced on social networks in real time, and before harm can be done.

Soteria Intelligence also provides data gathering and consulting services for both civil and criminal proceedings, as well as strategies for combating social media threats, including terrorist activity.

The company is comprised of industry-recognized social media experts, technology pioneers, and retired personnel from both local and federal law enforcement agencies. Soteria Intelligence’s founder and CEO, Aaron Schoenberger, has spent nearly 10 years guiding businesses ranging from billion-dollar celebrity brands to Fortune 100 companies, and he created Soteria Intelligence to use his intimate knowledge of social media, complex algorithms and online behavior to develop proprietary technology to address the rise of social media threats.

“The number of threats voiced on social media channels has risen dramatically since 2012, and we are living in a world that’s becoming more social media-centric by the day,” said Schoenberger. “Our company is on mission to prevent catastrophes and create a more positive, safer environment for individuals and organizations around the globe.”

The company’s headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, house a state of the art command center manned by analysts with extensive social media intelligence gathering experience. Clients range from high-net-worth individuals to corporations to law enforcement agencies.

Soteria Intelligence will continue to research industry trends and respond to the changing landscape with cutting-edge solutions. This includes developing new algorithms and methods for analyzing data on social networks, and taking a forward-thinking approach to social media intelligence as a whole.