SOLUTE wins contract for Platform One

On May 12, San Antonio, TX-based SOLUTE, a Sigma Defense company, announced that it has been contracted by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division to support Platform One, an enterprise level DevSecOps platform that hosts mission application services for DoD customers. Platform One provides security-focused CI/CD pipelines for building containerized application images in addition to enabling secure, pluggable baseline configurations for Kubernetes clusters.

Platform One turned to SOLUTE to build the Configuration as Code (CaC) and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) required to advance its mission capabilities. This effort will provide enhancements to the software supply chain security, application implementation, and container configuration of two of Platform One’s product lines: the Iron Bank and Big Bang value streams. SOLUTE will assist in the replication of Iron Bank offerings across multiple impact levels and ease the process of adoption for Big Bang users by expanding its offerings while improving the reliability, security, and flexibility of Big Bang’s overall architecture.

“The advancement of Platform One’s portfolio will significantly accelerate the future of scalable, secure, and highly available service management for DoD application teams,” said John Lyons, executive vice president of operations at SOLUTE. “We are excited to leverage our DevSecOps expertise to deliver new capabilities in support of the Air Force mission.”

This initiative will build on and expand previous Platform One efforts including SBIR Phase II DoD container lifecycle management development. Developments under this contract will adhere to vendor-agnostic, Kubernetes-based software factory best practices, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)-compliant technologies, and DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Design compliance.

Source: Solute

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