ARCYBER posts CDS assessment event invitation

On May 12, the U.S. Army posted an invitation to industry to participate in the Cross-Domain Solution (CDS) Assessment Event on May 23. The submission deadline is 11:59 p.m. Eastern on May 16.

The Cyber Fusion Innovation Center (CFIC), in collaboration with U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) Technical Warfare Center (TWC), will host an Assessment Event (AE) to identify a Cross-Domain Solution (CDS) to provide a seamless path for ingestion of Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) data from a Mission Partner Environment (MPE) to ARCYBER’s Big Data Platform (BDP), performing a one-way data transport function.

The desired end state is to better understand current industry capabilities and determine if those solutions are compatible with addressing a required one-way data transfer capability to enable data movement from a classified coalition network to ARCYBER’s classified instance of BDP.

ARCYBER TWC is interested in CDS capabilities that provide an automated ability to move cybersecurity-related data from an MPE to the ARCYBER’s BDP; it will enable the ARCYBER Enterprise to sense, understand, decide, and act in support of ongoing DCO operations.

MPE is an operating environment that enables operations and intelligence for planning and execution on a network infrastructure at a single security level with a common language. An MPE capability provides the ability for mission partners to share their information with all participants within a specific partnership or coalition.

The Cross-Domain Solution (CDS) capability increases the timeliness of data transfers that shape and inform both operations and defense of the network. This prevents the unavoidable human and technical delays to execute the one-way transfer of data (burning hundreds of DVDs, physically moving the DVDs to an ingest point, downloading data, etc.) which delay processing, severely hinder near real-time usage, and delay identification of any network intrusions. In addition, it imposes significant personnel manpower and equipment costs to sustain the existing, inefficient, ad-hoc solution.

Review the full CDS event invitation.

Source: SAM

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