Society Consulting launches Amper to empower analysts to use Big Data

Amper Society Consulting, an analytics and Big Data services organization, announced on June 9 the official launch of Amper, its first flagship product in the emerging Big Data space.

Amper harnesses the ease of use of a Cloud-based offering, enabling data analysts to create insights to capitalize on the benefits of Big Data technologies without the need to develop complex software or involve traditional IT departments. Amper’s solution reduces common data preparation tasks by months, leveraging an intuitive interface, built-in templates and native scheduling automation.

“With constantly increasing volumes of information, data analysts are more reliant on engineering and IT departments to leverage the power of Big Data platforms for data management and processing,” explained Chad Richeson, CEO of Society Consulting. “Amper works to break down these significant technical barriers, by returning the power of Big Data to the data analyst.”

“Amper enables quick and efficient data preparation against very large data sets. Customers can now iterate quickly in a very agile fashion to identify latent value buried in corporate data,” added Steve Newman, vice president of business intelligence at Society Consulting. “Products like Amper are the key to widespread usage and adoption of Big Data.”

Amper is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture to provide users instant access to a fully configured Hadoop data platform via a common Web browser. Users receive access to pre-configured templates that enable easy cleansing, mapping, merging and modeling of uploaded data. Amper’s native scheduling automation allows for automated ingestion, processing and exporting of data so that analysts no longer have to manually manage their data preparation. To analyze data, analysts can export prepared data to Microsoft Excel, Tableau, or Adobe Data Workbench.

Amper is available immediately, for free. All users receive 1GB of storage included with their account and have the ability to upgrade both storage and add custom functionality at any time by contacting the Amper product team.